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About Us

    Management Team

  • Michael P Moran

    Chairman & CEO

    Mr. Moran founded and funded Aevum Life Science in 2010.  He has overseen the research, development, operations, manufacturing and distribution, as well as the clinical study and publication for Protiva over the past six years.

    Prior to founding Aevum Life Science, Mr. Moran has worked for more than 30 years in the healthcare industry.  He previously founded and served as Chairman and CEO for an integrated specialty pharmacy group. He led a successful IPO for the company in 2005 on the NASDAQ GM, raising $50million.  He built the revenues to more than $400 million and successfully sold the company to a private equity group in 2010.

  • Timothy Moran

    Chief Operating Officer

    Tim joined Aevum Life Science in 2013.  He oversaw the build and manages the continued development of our website, eCommerce platform and international development programs. Tim also manages the manufacturing and production of Protiva as well as distribution both nationally and internationally. Tim has over 10 years of national senior sales management experience in healthcare sales.

  • Medical Advisory Board

  • Leon Baginski


    Dr. Baginski received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan, where he was awarded the Bronstrom Prize for academic excellence. He graduated medical school from the University of Michigan, with high distinction, and went onto complete his residency from the nationally renowned Parkland Hospital at the University of Texas, in Dallas Texas.

    He is actively involved in teaching other OB/Gyn physicians, around the nation, about the latest techniques in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and has been cordially invited, to attend and speak, at China’s National OB/Gyn convention.

    He has co-authored and edited a textbook, written numerous medical articles along with other publications in the area of women`s health. He has been awarded ‘Top Doctor’ recognition as well as `Patient Choice` awards for a number of ongoing years.

    Dr. Baginski specializes in all areas of gynecologic surgery including robotic and laparoscopic outpatient hysterectomy, office based surgery, vaginal reconstruction, urinary leakage procedures and all aspects of minimally invasive surgery. Obstetrically he manages both high and low risk pregnancies and is skilled in evaluating the infertile couple and those with poor pregnancy histories.

    In his spare time he enjoys photography, camping and the outdoors with his wife and three children. He is actively involved in both the hospital and community, where he sits on a variety of committees and boards.

    His philosophy on patient care is quite simple, if it is not broken, don`t fix it and if it is, then fix it in the most current and efficient way that maximizes patient satisfaction.

  • Marc Winter

    M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

    Dr. Winter completed medical school and residency training at the University of California at Irvine College of Medicine and has been practicing in Laguna Hills since 1989. His practice is limited to gynecology and he specializes in minimally invasive surgery. With more than 20 years of experience performing gynecological surgeries, Dr. Winter has invested his energy in developing and offering less invasive procedures to his patients. He is a national expert inRobotic surgery and has experience in performing complex hysterectomy, myomectomies, sacrocolpopexy, endometriosis resection and cerclage. He also has an interest inurogynecology including pelvic reconstructive surgery as well as non-invasive and surgical options for urinary incontinence.

    Dr. Winter serves as Medical Director of Minimal Invasive Surgery at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center and has performed over 600 robotic surgical procedures. His was the first surgeon on the West Coast to perform a hysterectomy using robotic single site technology (procedure is performed with a single small incision). Dr. Winter has been designated one of the twenty-three epicenters, or national training sites in benign robotic gynecologic surgery for Intuitive Surgical, the maker of the daVinci Robot. At the Saddleback Memorial Medical Center training ground, Dr. Winter teaches surgeons nationwide the latest in robotic surgical techniques. Patients can expect the most advance care and excellent clinical outcomes.

    With his many years of clinical research and several published papers, he teaches advanced gynecologic surgical courses in the community and has had the honor of lecturing/preforming procedures throughout the US and overseas. He also participates in a national robotic surgery research group known as COMIG (Consortium of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeons).

    A man of many talents, Dr. Winter also has an interest in hormone replacement therapy and is a proponent of bio-identical hormones. With the attendance of several hormone replacement therapy conferences over the years he has now implemented a new choice of hormone replacement to his practice, Pellet HRT.

    In the mist of his busy clinical profession, he loves to travel, spend time with his family, watch sports and rocking out with friends playing the saxophone. 

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