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6 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do

Pregnancy may seem like a long ten months, but in the end, it goes by fast. This is your time to take care of you! Here are 6 things every pregnant woman should do to before their little bundle of joy arrives.
Make New Mom Friends
Sign-up for a yoga class for pregnant women, …

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6 Ways to Prep for Baby’s First Week

Your first week with your new baby will be filled with amazement as you gaze at those saucer eyes and wait for those tiny little fingers to grip your thumb. But that first week will also be filled with a constant soundtrack of wailing and breast milk vomit. It’s the happiest you’ll ever be, but …

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5 Things Mom Never Told You About Being Pregnant

“When I was pregnant with you,” your mother’s early-morning text message will read, “people would tell me I was glowing. I just felt so beautiful and confident knowing I had a perfect little baby inside of me.”
Nope. Don’t believe it. Your mom is an amazing woman, and you wouldn’t be who you are without …

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Getting Back on the Court: How an Athlete Reduced Pregnancy Recovery Time

I’ve always been an athlete. I began playing tennis at the age of six and had an instant love for the game. Throughout my junior career, I was ranked top five in both Southern California and the nation. By age 14, I was playing international tournaments and I began playing some professional tournaments by the …

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