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How much does Protiva cost

A single 30-day pouch is $65, but we recommend a 6-month bundle of Protiva, which delivers optimal nutrition and the most value. At just $48 per month, this bundle saves you 25%. That comes out to $1.60 per serving - less than a latte at your favourite coffeehouse.

Use the chart below to decide which bundle is right for you.

How much Protiva do I need?

We recommend starting Protiva at week 18 of your pregnancy and continuing through the first several months postpartum to help with recovery and support breastfeeding. To ensure freshness, we limit orders to six 30-day bags at a time.

Use this chart to see how much Protiva Pregnancy is right for you.

You must select at least one packet of Protiva, and no more than six. We have found that 6 months supply of Protiva is the largest amount you will need to purchase at one time.

You cannot add more bags than you have selected in the previous stage.

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