Protiva New Mom

1lb - Vanilla Collagen Protein

30 day money back guarantee


  • Decreased Wound Healing Time

    Childbirth and all that goes with it can be hard on a woman's body. Protiva New Mom's combination of collagen protein and postpartum nutrition significantly decreases the time it takes for delivery-related wounds to heal.

  • Improved Breast Milk Production

    A lot of demand is put on a woman's body in the weeks and months after she has a baby, sapping nutrition and having an effect on milk production. Protiva New Mom's nutrient-rich collagen helps to maintain or improve milk production.

  • Safe and Effective

    Clinically tested and recommended by physicians, midwives and doulas, Protiva New Mom is the first and only collagen nutrition to combine a patented formula that is safe, effective and trusted throughout the medical community.


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