Why can’t I simply take any protein shake to recover from my Surgery?

Protiva is the only protein shake that has completed a published clinical study that demonstrates it is safe and effective to take following surgery to improve protein levels, improve recovery and the quality of life following surgery. The high quality Hydrolyzed Collagen protein is proven to be what your body needs following your surgery. Other […]

What is your return policy?

We want every patient to be 100% satisfied with the quality and benefits of any Protiva product. If you are not satisfied for any reason in 30 days, you can simply email our customer service department and we will issue you a return authorization. You simply mail back the unused portion and we will issue […]

Why is Protiva Recover/New Mom not available in stores?

We sell Protiva only from our ecommerce model, so we can provide you with the highest quality product at the best possible price. We eliminate the costs that stores and merchants need to add to the cost of a product to get it to the stores. We can provide you with free fed ex shipping […]

How does Protiva Recover/New Mom work?

Your body requires up to 50% more daily protein intake to prepare and help heal itself from surgery. The surgical site also requires additional vitamins and minerals to help wound and Tissue healing during the first 45-60 days post surgery. Protiva provides high quality Collagen Protein and the vitamins and minerals your body needs to […]

Why is Protiva Recover/New Mom sometimes called New Mom?

Protiva Recover/New Mom was clinically proven to help women recover quicker following surgery including major surgery such as a Cesarean Section delivery. Many patients described their recovery from the surgery when taking Protiva, as feeling like a healthy New Mom. While we liked the name New Mom, it made some women question whether they have […]