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Success Stories

Protiva Headshots Rachel

“I immediately felt energized and refreshed. I had a difficult time recovering from my previous c sections and saw a huge difference in my recovery while taking Protiva New Mom.”

Rachel B

Full Time Executive and Mom of 3

I started taking Protiva New Mom the day I got home from the hospital after my third c section. I was dreading the long recovery from a c section and concerned about not being able to take care of my other children. After starting Protiva, I immediately felt energized and refreshed. I had a difficult time recovering from my previous c sections and saw a huge difference in my recovery while taking Protiva New Mom. My incision healed much faster and the pain subsided quicker. Another benefit of Protiva New Mom is the increase in my milk production. I am able to feed my newborn every two to three hours and still have enough supply to freeze for future feedings. I highly recommend Protiva!

Protiva Headshots Julie

“My absolute favorite thing about Protiva is what it did for my postpartum recovery time.”

Julie H, new mom

Started taking Protiva Pregnancy at the beginning of my third trimester.

I heard about Protiva from my OB/GYN and started taking it at the beginning of my third trimester. This was my third pregnancy and the difference with Protiva was tremendous. I felt energetic and healthy; Protiva kept me full, curbed my cravings for junk food and was great for on the go.

Most importantly, my previous postpartum recovery had been long and slow. After I had my second baby I was constantly tired and my whole body ached. I took Protiva during my hospital stay after I delivered my third baby and for 10 weeks after that. My body healed quicker than my previous pregnancy and was far less painful. My stitches healed well before the six weeks which enabled me to keep up with the demands of having two older kids and a newborn.

Protiva was easy to drink and easy to digest; it kept me fully satisfied when I had no desire to eat. My favorite recipe was to mix the chocolate flavored Protiva with banana and peanut butter. It was a nice change of pace and delicious! Along with my prenatal vitamins, it gave me all the nutrients my body needed to nurse and recover. I felt like I had really good milk flow. I would recommend Protiva to family, friends and anyone who is pregnant or recently had a baby. Before trying Protiva, I dreaded the healing process and was afraid of how long I would be out of commission. If I decide to have another child, I am definitely taking Protiva again.

Protiva Headshots Laura

“My favorite thing was knowing I was getting the extra nutrition that I needed and that if I was lacking anything in my diet, Protiva was helping.”

Laura R

I heard about Protiva from my OB/GYN, Dr. Baginski who I trust and started taking it at 36 weeks of pregnancy. With Protiva, I found I had more energy than I’d had in my other pregnancies and I didn’t gain as much weight.

My breastfeeding experience while taking Protiva was good, I felt it had additional health benefits for my baby and helped give added nutrition for myself to help with what the baby was taking from me.

It worked well with my prenatal vitamin (I didn’t have any nausea when taking my prenatal vitamin) and, when eating, Protiva helped me to stay full longer. I mostly made my shakes into smoothies. I’d add a banana to my morning berry shake and it tasted delicious!

I would definitely recommend Protiva to friends and family, so they could have the added health and nutrition benefits to help their baby develop well while in the womb and also help give added nutrition to breast milk.

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