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By Laura R

I heard about Protiva from my OB/GYN, Dr. Baginski who I trust and started taking it at 36 weeks of pregnancy. With Protiva, I found I had more energy than I’d had in my other pregnancies and I didn’t gain as much weight.

My breastfeeding experience while taking Protiva was good, I felt it had additional health benefits for my baby and helped give added nutrition for myself to help with what the baby was taking from me.

It worked well with my prenatal vitamin (I didn’t have any nausea when taking my prenatal vitamin) and, when eating, Protiva helped me to stay full longer. I mostly made my shakes into smoothies. I’d add a banana to my morning berry shake and it tasted delicious!

I would definitely recommend Protiva to friends and family, so they could have the added health and nutrition benefits to help their baby develop well while in the womb and also help give added nutrition to breast milk.

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