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Protiva is the ONLY protein product proven to be safe for you to take during pregnancy.

In a recent clinical study Protiva helped 100% of women reach their nutritional goals of improved protein levels.

  • Protiva is a collagen based protein powder formulated specifically to meet the nutritional challenges women face during pregnancy, recovering following delivery (or surgery) and while breastfeeding.
  • The First and only clinically proven protein drink for pregnant women and new moms.
  • With food and diet restrictions how are you going to get the protein you and your baby need during this critical time?
  • Adequate protein consumption is essential for proper brain and organ development of your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Protiva covered by insurance?

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Yes, when you doctor writes a prescription for Protiva, you can purchase with an HSA debit card.  You can also submit for reimbursement through an FSA, HRA or other 3rd party insurance carrier, after you have purchased Protiva.

What if I buy Protiva and don’t like it?

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We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee on Protiva Pregnancy and Protiva New Mom. If for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with any Protiva product, simply let us know. We will ask you to return the unused product to our warehouse, and give you a full refund.

How do I mix my Protiva shake?

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It’s easy! Add one scoop of Protiva to 8-12oz of cold water, coconut milk, almond milk or any beverage of your choice. Mix it in a protein shaker or a blender – you can add ice to make it extra thick.

Why not look at our delicious recipes for more inspiration?

Where can I buy Protiva?

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Protiva products are available exclusively online on our website and through Amazon. That way, we are able to maintain quality control over all our products and provide a clinically superior product that you can trust, at an affordable price.

What is the difference between Protiva Pregnancy and Protiva New Mom?

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Protiva Pregnacy was specifically developed and clinically proven to help moms during pregnancy. A normal protein level is between 6.8 – 8.3 (g/dl). While pregnant it is important that a woman’s protein level is in the normal range to help her baby develop and prepare her body for delivery.

Protiva New Mom was specifically developed to help moms recover from delivery. Protiva New Mom provides the additional vitamin C, vitamin E and protein they need to recover and remain in the normal protein range while breastfeeding. It is important to pediatricians that Protiva New Mom is allergen and preservative free. Most babies develop rashes after birth and moms are asked to stop eating foods to which a baby may be allergic. Since moms still need to maintain normal protein ranges while breastfeeding, doctors like to have an allergen free protein source available for moms. Talk to your doctor about how to maintain your protein levels after delivery. Protiva New Mom should not be taken while you are pregnant.

How likely am I to be protein deficient?

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During the second and third trimester of Pregnancy, moms may require a 50% increase of daily protein. In a recent clinical study, 85% of women in their third trimester had protein levels at or below the minimal protein range of 6.8 – 8.3 (g/dl). In the third trimester, protein levels are critical for the development of your baby. Protiva Pregnancy is clinically proven to help increase protein levels during pregnancy.

I already take a prenatal vitamin. Is it ok to take Protiva, too?

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Yes, Protiva has been formulated to complement any Prenatal Vitamin regimen your doctor feels is best for you.  You should discuss with your doctor any product or vitamin you plan to take during your pregnancy and while breast feeding. By not including large vitamin doses, Protiva gives the doctor and patient the flexibility to choose exactly what is best for mother and baby.

How many shakes will I need a day?

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You’ll need just 1-2 shakes a day, depending on which stage you’re at in your pregnancy/new mom journey.

How do I know it will work?

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Protiva is the first and only nutritional shake to have completed a full Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved clinical study. Find out more here.

Protiva is the only protein product to participate in an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved multiple site, clinical study of women while they were pregnant, recovering from delivery and breastfeeding. Pregnant women who participated in the clinical study had their blood drawn to monitor protein and albumin levels. Nearly 85% of the pregnant women had initial protein levels that were either below the normal range or barely at the normal range. After taking Protiva, 100% of the women achieved normal protein levels and maintained them while they remained on Protiva. You can download a copy of the study here [[link]] – we encourage you to read and discuss it with your doctor.

What if I have a food intolerance?

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Protiva is lactose, gluten, soy, allergen and preservative-free. It is also non-GMO and contains no artificial sweeteners, coloring or flavors.

Why was Protiva developed?

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Protiva was developed with two aims in mind: to help pregnant women reach their nutritional needs in mid to late pregnancy, and to help new moms heal from delivery, while providing the additional protein and vitamins they need when breastfeeding.

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