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Our Story

Like all the best stories, it's personal. Protiva was born out of specialist nutritional expertise and care for Christina, our daughter-in-law and mother to Chloe, the first Protiva baby and siblings Mackenzie and Jack. It was rigorously researched, developed and tested using the highest quality ingredients to boost health and wellbeing in motherhood. One decade later, its impact has been phenomenal.


Christina and Tim Moran were starting a family and were advised that Christina should increase her daily protein intake by 50-70% during her pregnancy. Unable to find a safe and effective protein supplement formulated for pregnancy and breastfeeding, they looked to Tim’s parents, Michael and Nancy who both worked within the pharmaceutical and medical worlds.


With their specialist interest in using nutrition to support healthcare, Michael and Nancy were the right team for the job. After assembling a team of leading OBGYN’s and clinicians they set about developing a high quality, safe and effective protein product for moms. They hoped it would benefit their own family, but had no idea how valuable it would prove to be.


One extensive clinical study later with thousands of happy customers, three beautiful grandchildren and a growing online community, the remain passionate about developing high quality nutritional products that make moms stronger, healthier and happier.

The Protiva Promise

Our brand mission is to support women as they make the life-changing journey through pregnancy to motherhood. We make a donation in the name of every Protiva baby born to make the world a better place – whether that’s planting a new tree, improving clean air or water, or providing nourishing meals to children in need. Find out more at Protiva Giving.