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Find Your Community

While the excitement of a new life coming into the world is one most people in your life will celebrate, there can still be times you will find yourself feeling alone. Even for women fortunate enough to have a good network of friends and family on their side, there can come moments when isolation seems to set in. 


And this is normal, natural and not discussed enough among women and families. Financial planning, schooling and physical care can be at the top of every family’s list, but emotional health can, unfortunately, be easy to overlook. This is where the importance of a support group, in real life or online, can come into play. Carving out the time, where you will need to be away from the baby, will help you frame your new life in a way that protects your own healthy mental and emotional condition. And while your spouse, friends and family will likely do all they can for you, sharing your thoughts with those outside of your inner circle can bring fresh perspective and knowledge. 


From sharing new latching techniques to discussions on the often overlooked condition of postpartum depression, support groups can provide a wealth or information. The community aspect is just as important, as well. There can be an enormous power that comes from just simply hearing that you are not alone.  


One way to start your search is with your local OB/GYN or pediatrician. Finding your community can be an important part of your health as a mother, and professional guidance will be easy to find. Your place of worship, hometown community center or even the preschools in your area can also be a great resource for finding a pregnancy or mother support group.


Researching groups and forums online is another avenue, especially with health concerns gripping so many of us at the present time. While a simple search can help turn up online support groups, you can also reach out to like-minded mothers on your favorite social media services. Check out groups available on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to help you connect with other moms going through some of the very same joys and sorrows as you. 

You love your babies even before they are born, and no one needs to teach you that. Loving yourself can be more of a challenge, especially when under the strain, stress and hormonal changes that childbirth can bring. So remember that you don’t have to be all on your own, and that diet, exercise and emotional support all play very important roles in your new life.

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