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Most Pregnant Women Are Not Getting Enough Protein

You know being pregnant is a big dietary responsibility. You have to take care of your own growing body while also providing healthy nutrition for your developing baby. Most mothers understand the necessity of eating the right foods (kale and other leafy vegetables), avoiding the wrong foods (uncooked seafood and deli meat), and getting the right nutrients (folic acid and iron).

But did you know you also need to increase your protein levels? Yep, one more thing to add to your daily diet list. This one is really important, though.

The value of protein

Protein provides the amino acids—the body’s building blocks—necessary for fetal tissue development and expanding maternal tissue expansion. Proper protein consumption supports the body’s increased blood volume and maternal storage reserves (for labor, delivery, and lactation). Protein is also cited as the single most critical element for fetal neurological development.

Optimal protein levels are thus critical for the development of your baby, especially in the third trimester. A protein-deficient diet can lead to health problems for both the mother (fatigue, muscle atrophy) and baby (hampered growth, learning disabilities).

So how much protein do you need?

Pregnant women require about 70 grams of protein per day, according to the USDA. That’s 25 more grams than non-pregnant women, who need just 45 daily grams. Protein is especially important during the second and third trimesters, when the fetus is growing rapidly and the brain is developing. This additional protein can be acquired by eating protein-rich foods as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

But even women who feel they are eating properly may still be protein deficient. In a recent clinical study, 85% of women in their third trimester had protein levels at or below the minimal protein range.

Time to panic? Nope! Time to talk to your doctor. Protiva may be a great option to increase your protein levels.

Here’s how Protiva helps.

Protiva was developed with two aims in mind: to help pregnant women reach their nutritional needs in mid to late pregnancy and to help new moms heal from delivery, while providing the additional protein and vitamins they need when breastfeeding.

Protiva is the first and only pregnancy protein drink to have completed a clinical study approved by an institutional review board, and has demonstrated effectiveness in improving protein levels during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Please talk to your doctor to find out if Protiva is right for you.

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