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Protein while pregnant

The Importance of Protein While Pregnant

Pregnant women need more protein during pregnancy. So often, pregnant women worry about eating right for the baby. It’s important, don’t get me wrong. But in reality, the baby will take all the nutrition it needs from mom, leaving leftovers for our pregnant bodies to make the most of.

While it’s always important to eat well, we women need to make sure we have enough protein in our diet to maintain optimal energy levels. In fact, research has shown that 98% of all pregnant women have below normal protein levels.

This has a trickle down effect on our bodies during pregnancy and puts us behind the eight ball after we deliver.


Choosing the Right Protein While Pregnant

Low energy during pregnancy + after delivery

A hallmark sign of low protein levels is fatigue. Our growing bodies are naturally going to tax our energy levels, so we need to make sure we’re compensating with extra energy in the form of calories, especially through the second and third trimester.

During the first trimester, it’s important to simply make sure we’re getting enough protein. Adding additional calories is not as important at this point. However, as we enter the second and third trimester, our calorie needs grow. Adding 300 – 400 calories, with a healthy balance of protein, is ideal.

See some of the suggestions we have below.


Slower recovery after delivery

Without adequate protein levels, our skin won’t repair as fast. This is true for people of all walks of life, but especially pregnant women whose bodies are in dire need of recovery – whether you’ve had a c-section, episiotomy or natural birth.

Incorporating additional protein throughout the your entire pregnancy, and following up with a diet rich in absorbable protein after delivery is important for making sure wounds heal quickly and properly.

Our skin’s elasticity is also affected! We stretch out like a balloon – and sometimes feel it, too. Remarkably, our bodies have the ability to snap back within a couple months after the baby arrives. Adding Protiva to your diet will help your skin’s tone and texture return to its pre-pregnancy shape faster.


Low milk supply for stress-free breastfeeding


Whether you only want to breastfeed for two weeks or are committed to two years, your body’s protein levels are critical to maintaining a good milk supply. Low milk supply for a breastfeeding mom is nothing short of stressful. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in protein can improve your body produce milk for your little one.


Healthy Ideas for Getting More Protein


Protiva Pregnancy and New Mom are two of the most convenient ways for pregnant women and new moms, even breastfeeding women, to get the protein that they need.

One serving one to two times a day throughout your pregnancy and through the months after the baby arrives is all it takes to make sure you’re getting enough of this nutrient.

More importantly, Protiva is a collagen protein fortified with additional nutrients for you when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Collagen is a protein found throughout our body. It gives our skin its tone, helps improve ligaments and tendon strength and greatly improves wound healing after delivery.

Try this delicious antioxidant smoothie, or follow us on Instagram to get keep up with our recipes!


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